Thursday, December 28th 2017

Regular hours through New Years EVE

Skill strength

Vertical pulling complexes

WOD – “Strong arm”

Row 2k
20 sandbag over shoulder (80/60) (100/80)
40 TTB
40 Pull Up
20 Sandbag over shoulder

WOD Brief

The skill work will introduce the concept of connecting and sequencing gymnastics movement. A few classes experimented with these the past month, and now we have a fresh progression for the near term. This will develop better mechanics, strength, body awareness, and most importantly make you a better athlete. Regardless of where you are in these complexes, they are designed to scale to all levels, and deliver the most incredible results.

The WOD, is a straightforward task oriented effort. Technique will be key on the row and sandbag work. Long arms (think deadlift) are key to the first part of the lift, don’t allow fatigue to compromise your position or you’ll feel it for days. The reps on the TTB and Pullups are large enough to break early or your grip will be compromised and slow you down.

The last 20 on the sandbag should be quick .. as you get past halfway (last 10 reps), please empty the tank. Attack the bag, don’t hesitate, move swiftly and enjoy the all out sprint.

 Box Brief
NBK normal hours through Sunday morning. We will have a fun New Years Eve WOD scheduled during usual Open Gym.
Bring a friend anytime this week for free!!
Keep an eye out for our January New Member Program, our Nutrition Program, and more!


Updated holiday hours the week of New Years

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