Friday, December 29th 2017

Regular hours through New Years EVE


Power Snatch 1.1.1 x 4

WOD – “Holiday Hangover”

3:00 Assault Cals
3:00 Power Snatch (95/65) (135/95)
3:00 DU
— 1 MIN REST —
2:00 Assault Cals
2:00 Power Snatch
2:00 DU
— 1 MIN REST —
1:00 Assault Cals
1:00 Power Snatches
1:00 DU
Score is total reps

WOD Brief

The strength is a HEAVY power snatch. Take the time, be patient and stay above parallel.

Today’s engine day is paired with power snatches and a complex gynmastics movement. The result is a test of our ability to put in a strong effort on the AAB (stagger as needed) and then hit the couplet immediately after. Challenge yourself to go strong on the AAB, and not skip a beat picking up the bar.

Rest at the top of the snatch (bar overhead) and not when your body is folded over on the ground. Manage your breath and the power snatches will improve. The DU – just find a place to breath! (see a theme) … if you have spotty DU, go for massive amounts of singles.

Score is total reps, so every position counts – grab a whiteboard and count your reps for each movement and then reassess your approach on the following round. Note the decreased time will mean you should go HARDER. Burn it down on that last round for sure and you’ll begin feeling like your old self very soon.

 Box Brief
NBK normal hours through Sunday morning. We will have a fun New Years Eve WOD scheduled during usual Open Gym.
Bring a friend anytime this week for free!!
Keep an eye out for our January New Member Program, our Nutrition Program, and more!
NBK Tune UP – Wanna help, please message Jimmy. We are looking at this weekend or the 1st before the football begins (We’ll be moving equipment, securing bolts, oiling, barbell care, and such)


Updated holiday hours the week of New Years

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