Friday, January 5th 2018

Calvin, 427lbs for 2, Dec 23 2017

Heavy Strength and Double Under Technique

Back Squat 4-4-4 with Double Under Control Drills

WOD – “Unbroken”

20 KBS (53/35) (70/53)
40 DU
20 Wall Ball (20/14) (30/20)
40 DU
5 Rounds for time

WOD Brief

Heavy day today with these back squats. Take the time to get up to weight and then make these very heavy. During the rest we will coach through double under control work. The double unders will allow us to recover the legs while taking important time to become better at double unders. We will have control drills for each level of athlete. Intent of the DU drills are to gain better fluidity between the jumps and gaining better rope awareness (through speed management). These are accomplished through rotational timing and bounding (which we will be pre-activating in our warmup today)

The WOD name is our intention today – please go unbroken. If you go for RX+, you must go unbroken. This will be a great way to end the week wrapping up the New Year start. Focus on your hip drive in the KB to make the double unders flow. Wall Balls you can speed up by pulling the ball down vs. waiting for gravity to do the job. These adjustments will shave off minutes from your time and increase the stimulus. Making it better for our fitness and heath.

 Box Brief
NBK Upgrades continue with some corrections made to our HVAC yesterday – ramping these units up to 100% production. “Hot CrossFit” available upon request! Updates continuing with your help. Thank you for those offering their skills and time these past few weeks
Sponsor program – any new members’s you bring, 2nd month is 50% off for both of you! (As a Sponsor, you’ll work with the new member, train, and help them become better each day)
Nutrition Program is launching with RMR scan at NBK. It is free and will be very focused on results; all skill levels, but only NBK members at this time.

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