Friday, January 12th 2018

Strength work

Front Squat: 3-3-3-3-3

WOD – “Hurry up and wait”

20/15 cal ski
20 Front Squats (115/75)
20/ 15 cal ski
20 Front Rack Walking Lunges (10/side)
3 rounds for time

WOD Brief

Fresh legs today for the front squats today should allow for a final training day of the week. The idea here is to get heavy and dial in technique. Tomorrow NBK is hosting a barbell clinic focused on the Jerk, so we are aiming to prep and build across these two days for those athletes able to attend.

High heart rate intensity straight into a light front squat is the idea here and right back into the ski. Please go hard here. The walking lunges need respect as this will be an aggressive position. Keep it balanced and when the lunge is done, ramp back up on the ski.

 Box Brief
NBK Upgrades continue with some corrections made to our HVAC yesterday – ramping these units up to 100% production. “Hot CrossFit” available upon request! Updates continuing with your help. Thank you for those offering their skills and time these past few weeks
Sponsor program – any new members’s you bring, 2nd month is 50% off for both of you! (As a Sponsor, you’ll work with the new member, train, and help them become better each day)
Nutrition Program is launching with RMR scan at NBK. It is free and will be very focused on results; all skill levels, but only NBK members at this time.

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