Monday, January 15th 2018

Strength work

Hang Squat Snatch + OHS  1-2

WOD – “It’s all in the hips”

5 Power Snatch (115/75)
10 Broad Jumps (6ft per jump)
100′ Farmer Carry (70/40)
EMOM -3 Burpees (begin w/ burpees)
5 rounds for time

WOD Brief

The burpees every minute and the workout begins with the burpees.

The goal today is to learn how to use your legs and hips under fatigue. Coming off the snatches the broad jumps will get difficult. This is a WOD that’ll reinforce and build your ability to reach full extension while also creating power through the snatch. The more efficient maximization of movement the faster you’ll complete this task oriented effort.

This week kicks off a big week of training with some complex gymnastics and some opportunities to go very heavy. We have planned the training to balance the planes of movement and energy systems. Looking forward to a great week post Wodapalooza 2018.

 Box Brief
Nutrition coaching kicks off this week, and it is not too late to have one-on-one weekly support to maximize your long term health and near term goals.
Sponsor program – any new members’s you bring, 2nd month is 50% off for both of you! (As a Sponsor, you’ll work with the new member, train, and help them become better each day)

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