Forward Sled Push

4 Sets: 100ft TOUGH effort; rest/walk 2mins between sets


5 Sets

60sec Max Effort Assault Bike

10 Right Arm Russian Kettlebell Swings

10 Left Arm RKBS

rest 60sec

60sec Max Effort Row

100ft Farmers Walk (53/70)

rest 60sec

*choose tough paces on the Bike and Rower and HOLD THEM


Today is all about some fun, flushing out lactic acid and channeling different energy systems all at once! Starting out with heavy sled pushes the light the legs up, pick a tough weight here, dig your feet in and go. The metcon is 5 rounds: interval style of max effort sprints into a core stabilizing movement that is going to require that we channel our breathing and stay in perfect positions throughout. Go hard on the bike and the rower, do not pace and challenge yourself every round.

Box brief:

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