Our programming

At CrossFit NBK, we offer something for everyone. Join us as we build our new community here in Historic Roswell. Our programming philosophy is intentional and designed across multiple cycles — our programming is highly structured across the weeks, months, and quarters of each year, all for the purpose of maximizing your fitness and your safety. All of our classes build on each other, so you can move between classes and gain the benefits based on your personal schedule and training ambitions. Our offerings include:

  • CrossFit – The most proven way to be fit across all defined domains of fitness.
  • NBKFit  – All the benefits of CrossFit (strength and agility) without having to come to Historic Roswell. This is our global training program that we’ve been delivering for that past year. Train at home and on the road. If you want to lose weight, get lean and move well – this is your solution.
  • Barbell – A class geared towards the olympic weightlifting movements, offered three times a week. If you wish to compete at the local, national, or international level, our USA Weightlifting certified coach can enroll you in a premier barbell club operated at our facility.
  • Endurance – Speed and agility are not achieved through repeating your sport’s movements. You don’t run a hundred 5ks to PR your 5k; you join this class where we challenge and develop your movement patterns, technique, and energy systems. We’ll make you faster, guaranteed.
  • On Ramp – Athletes work directly with a Coach in one-on-one sessions to learn foundational movements and skills that develop body awareness, capabilities, and confidence. Athletes skills developed in On Ramp ensure a seamless level up into the main CrossFit group classes