Part-time Coach

Part-time position available for morning and afternoon classes. CrossFit Level 1 required, and prefer individuals seeking to grow their skills with the community. Hands on coaching is our style. Inquire directly.

      • Pay begins at $15/hour and is based on skills, experience, and ability to work with members
      • Professional Development opportunities will be made available too

Apply Here!!!

Primary Responsibilities include, but are not limited to…

  • Leading and coaching group classes.
  • Manage flow, provide instruction, and maintain safety.
  • Office hours to assist with facility improvements, attend team meetings, work on individual projects, and implement other initiatives under direction of General Manager.
  • Handle member inquiries, provide information about our program, and track attendance
  • Plan and facilitate community events that take place throughout the year
  • Implement programs under direction of General Manager
  • Greet members and visitors entering the facility
  • Manage the process of signing up a variety of memberships
  • Provide information about memberships and company offerings
  • Provide visitors with information and direction within the facility
  • Maintain cleanliness and tidiness of the facility by performing hourly facility walk-throughs.
  • Retail responsibilities, perform basic inventory keeping, and POS
  • *Full-time position is 40 hours per week (25 coaching hours & 15 support hours)