Atlanta Rowing Club – NBK coached remote training

NBK has 2 programs available at discount for ARC. This is based on nearly a year of 1-1 training w/ dozens of athletes to find the best use of your time, to fit in a busy life.

30 MIN Coaching – Your personal 30 min injury prevention and resiliency program

  • What you will get
    • Bulletproof from injuries
    • Tackle personal areas to improve – this is your program
    • Easy at home or with a friend training to get you great…
    • 30 min 4x a week customized from your coach

Customized to your needs – Your program is tailored to you, for you. It’ll be consolidated into a short 30 mins a day for 4 days a week – we know how valuable your time is and want you to get the biggest bang for your time. This program is $18/week billed monthly.

Train anywhere – The training will be entirely remote, thus you can do it wherever you’d like, with in person options available if you need more support. 

50 Mins – Bigger results program – you’ll gain a bulletproof body plus a focus on STRENGTH

  • 50% of your effort with us will be to build stronger life muscles
  • The rest will focus on strength building for the boat and out of the boat too
  • In cases where you need extra work rehabbing an existing injury, your coach will address this too

All the benefits of our bulletproof program + now with an extra 20 mins added to each session, you’ll build your strength. This program is bill monthly for only $29/week which includes regular check-ins with your coach.

Need extra workouts too, that can be added to any program as you need, for only $9 a week.

Our athletes see results in 20 training sessions = smoother, stronger, no panting ..

Coach Sarah and Coach Jimmy are excited to deliver this program to you.

Be trained by the best