Walton LAX & Team Training

CrossFit NBK is officially the training ground for Walton LAX athletes. We are proud of this role and look forward to helping both up and coming athletes and the current team.

We are currently working with LAX athletes and families for the season, and will host a Walton LAX only 90 minute training session beginning in May. Details are below!

Do you want to become a more efficient athlete? Do you want to become faster, quicker and have more body control? Is your desire to develop your speed, strength, and motor to make the team and then help your team win the game? The athlete training sessions are the perfect environment for the developing and developed player to train to become more explosive and faster. By learning the correct movements (things that often seem “natural” but need to be learned correctly), a player can improve their effectiveness dramatically.

Our athlete training sessions with NBK Coaches at CrossFit NBK are designed to build great athletes, not just great players. Preseason and the offseason are the perfect time to take your game to the next level by improving your explosiveness, efficiency, and conditioning. NBK will use a variety of training methodologies that include CrossFit, aerobic capacity, strongman, and gymnastics that develop body awareness exercises aimed at building strength and all around fitness, using climate controlled facility, weight training (depending on age), and much more.


All Ages (Youth and High School athletes)


1.5 Hour Long CrossFit Conditioning and Movement Training with Professional Strength & Conditioning Coaches!


CrossFit NBK’s 6,000 SQ FT Facility

23 Maple Street Roswell GA (11 mins from Walton High School)


One on One Sessions Available

  • One on one coaching limited and based on athlete evaluation, please contact answers@crossfitnbk.com for information
  • LAX Parents and family benefit from our special programs too, please contact us for more details on how your whole family and grow healthy and fitter together!



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How will training look?

All Walton athletes that sign-up for this program will be given a 30 minute skill and movement prep before the day’s training. Training is done with consideration to the LAX on-site training. This is designed as part of the NBK on-ramp program and will ensure all athletes develop the technical skills prior to training the movements for the day. As athletes develop proficiency, this time will move towards developmental areas deserving additional time – such as accessory movements, mentality, breathing techniques, and more. Training will include the following structure:

  • Warm-up that includes pre-activation of the muscle groups being trained that day, mobility drills, and movement preparation
  • Skill and Strength Prep work – hands on walk-through of proper movements, screening and adjustment for athlete personal capabilities
  • Skill & Strength – strongman, barbell, endurance, gymnastics, and other domains of fitness will be the focus in this portion of the day’s training. (matched to the day’s WOD)
  • Workout of the Day (WOD) – In CrossFit we program a specific set of movements together to build the general physical preparedness of the athlete across the defined areas of fitness. These may be 5 minutes of max sprint training that takes 20 minutes to recover from, or a 20 minute body of work. Intensity will be our focus with consistency in our movements.
  • Cool-down: Breathing, flushing of muscle groups, and accessory efforts, and mindfulness will be some of the items we’ll include in these final minutes of our training for the day.




More than Fitness

Local business owners, successful business executives, incredibly hard working parents, retired professionals, and students alike motivates and inspires each other at NBK and around the world. Good times and bad – we are together, and you are always welcome. More than Fitness – something real, in person, and lifelong.