NBK 9-12 yr old FUN FITNESS Program

Beginning September 8th we will launch our KIDS need to move program – jump, run, and work their bodies. The benefits = higher immune system and better mental sharpness. As parents we know the value of our kids getting exercise, and now with school at home the need is greatest.

WHEN – We are offering a program 2x a week 4pm – 4:45pm Tuesday and Thursday. (starting Sep 8th)

COACHED – Kids will be coached by an experienced Coach and parent.

CLEAN – Our facility is cleaned extensively and we follow extensive COVID-19 guidelines for safety.

PARENT BREAK – We encourage parents to drop off their kids and go walk to the __ creek and take a personal break. There are coffee shops within driving distance, and a private office that can be made available too. This mental break is just as valuable to you as your kids. Let us do this for you!


Your kids want to be part of a fun crowd and make new friends

Your kids are stuck at home and in front of screen all morning



Parent Bonuses: 

  • Safe, fun fitness
  • Build healthy habits and a love of exercise
  • Get Excess Energy Out
  • Coach led safe environment
  • Small group social interaction
  • 45 minutes of freedom -Grab a coffee, take a walk, take a nap

Class Structure (general)

  • 0-5 Intro Game
  • 5-15 warm up
  • 15-25 skill or strength (mostly body weight, more WOD prep)
  • 25-35 WOD
  • 35-43 Game
  • 43-45 Cool Down and Wrap Up