NBK BLUE – Police Training

The premiere community program designed in collaboration with the Roswell Police Department to improve the lives, health, and performance of our boys in blue. The program is carefully designed to create a progression that serves the Officers directly, based on their unique job ailments and requirements.

Our program seeks to give our Officers the best quality health, so they can be the best Officers. We do this in four phases with every session.

Phase I

All Officers are screened to confirm they can commit to the multiple weeks’ of training and 3x a week schedule. Any fitness level is appropriate, but it begins with the honest desire to participate. In this phase everyone records specific health and performance data. This may include glucose levels, EKG, one rep maxes, body weight movements, HRV, and other such data. 

Phase II

The beginning of every session includes weeks of movement screens, movement pattern improvements, and teaching. We use this to bring the entire group to the same level of knowledge and identify the individual’s current healthy movements.

Phase III

Here we begin our regular training. This includes 5 days a week of programming that covers all planes of movement, energy systems, mobility, and strength goals. We include 2 days of Officer specialized training that is used to benchmark performance across the program. (For example, we time the capability to operate on-the-job equipment with a high heart rate in a safe environment) The other 3 days a week are focused on General Prepared Fitness.

Phase IV

As we end the session, we revisit the benchmarks performed at the beginning and re-test the health markers. This data has proven each time to be improved. We see faster reaction times; better mental acuity in high heart rate situations; lower BMI; better heart rate recovery; higher camaraderie between squads, and a deeper connection with the average man.

This last result has been most interesting, to see both Officer and average man interact with an increased level of respect and empathy. 

NBK-BLUE is pioneering using proven techniques; deep community involvement; and relentless listening, coaching, and delivery to improve the performance and health of Police Officers. Our greatest dream is to see this program serve all who put their life on the line, each and every day.


This program is continuously being evolved and improved. The impacts of PTSD, high stress work, late night shifts, and the gear requirements are acute to these professionals. The program is designed to strengthen the body to eliminate the chronic low back pain, knee pain, and prepare each of them to be performance ready. This program has ambitions to serve all civil service professionals – with intentional and profession changing protocols.