Current Cycle

November – December 2018

We have a new strength cycle. What’s exciting about this is that we have been building up over the last few months on specific strength movements. We did a linear position strength movement, and we’ve been incorporating some endurance strength. What you’re going to see over the next six to eight weeks is programming that, across a five-day period, is going to address all the planes of movement and the different strength elements, push and pulling, hinging, and squatting.

We’re going to have three days where we have the classic warm-ups and then a bias toward technique and strength-building within particular Olympic lift movements. These are designed to help us get stronger in each position, build strength, and move better. What you’ll also see on these days are more targeted WODs that fit the class and compliment the day. 

On the other two days of the week, we are going to focus on a longer aerobic strength piece and then balance it out with a classic piece on the other day. Net for the week, we will cover all the planes of movement, and we are excited to see the gains that we get as a result. This strength program that we’re deploying, we like to think about it as a 101, 201, and 301 programs, meaning when we look at the lifts and the work, a 301 might be completing a full snatch. That is the complete element of that Olympic lift. What we have done, and you will see it in all of the programming, is we give ourselves time and attention toward the 101 and 201 positions. 

The result of going through 101, 201 and 301 lift patterns across these three days is to see achieve a total improvement in weight that we’re able to move by individual athlete, and we will see better technique, which will then transfer to proficiency and efficiencies in any of the workouts that we may participate in. So we will get stronger, we will get faster, we will have better technique, and we will see larger fitness gains across the spectrum.

Now, of course, let’s talk about scaling and adaptation. If you don’t have the range of motion or the position for a particular lift, that’s okay. We will incorporate other movements, sandbags, kettlebells, and other positions that will still create the same benefits from a health and a strength perspective. Now in some situations, we definitely would encourage PVC or light movement in order to dial in the technique and, of course, introduce a bias towards mobility and flexibility protocols. 

That’s the plan. Excited to see all the gains and comfort increase in these movements, and always we will continue to invest and improve for you.