Thursday, May 24th 2018

Murph is Saturday, setup begins at 6:30am and we begin at 7:30am NO Open Gym on Saturday or Sunday

REGIONALS WEEK: WOD “Event 2 Linda 2018”

Repetitions 10 down to 1
Deadlift 1.5x BW
Bench Press BW
Squat Clean .75x BW

Done at Body Weight (BW) for RX

WOD Brief

We are officially counting down to Murph on the River. NBK will be running Murph all morning on Saturday May 26th. You can perform it RX, Scaled, or any adjustments to fit your current abilities. We expect over 100 people this Saturday and will have 2 rigs. If you can help build the rig – we need your help, please let Jimmy or Cole know your ability to help.

Continuing our REGIONALS week we are doing Linda today! This workout involves 3 barbell movements together. The aim is for weights to be bodyweight. Scale the weights and movements to fit your current fitness. Due to there being 3 bars and 3 positions you need to maintain, a good deal of time will be expended in the transition – so walk briskly to your stations.

The rep scheme begins at 10 and decreases by 1 rep per round – so round 2 is 9 reps, round 3 is 8 reps, etc..  This means as you fatigue you’ll get to move between bars faster. Heart rate will increase and you should welcome it as you move through the workout.

Box Brief

Do you know what to eat this week and the day of Murph to fuel your body the best? We have posted an article that answers this for you. Share comments and questions.

Saturday – MURPH 7:30-1pm 203 Azalea Drive Roswell, GA (Pavilion 1)

Saturday and Sunday – NO Open Gym, get outside!

Monday – Open Gym 8-10am (feel free to attack Murph or hit the EMOM we’ll have prepared)

Register today for free on our Facebook event page!

High School Athletic Program has officially launched! Excited to be the headquarters for one of the leading athletic program in the State. Plus how fun will it be for us to train alongside these athletes!

Highlight videos and training videos – we have been sharing them, if you have any fun ones you capture – please tag @CrossFitNBK and or send to Jimmy. We’ll crosspost it with you.

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