Coming to NBK on November 6th – DEXA Scans, RMR, & VO2max testing

NBK is happy to host Dexa Body on November 6th to provide our community with these tests. Each test provides great insight into our bodies and well worth the time.
DEXA Scan will identify body fat composition levels, visceral fat (the dangerous kind), bone density, and help identify any imbalances. Recommended every couple of months to monitor health and progress.
RMR – Resting Metabolic Rate testing is the test to determine the proper amount of calories your body requires. This is the best way to know how many calories you should eat period – gain weight, lose weight, eat healthy are all made clear here on this test. Highly recommended at least annually.
The test must be done early in the day (as there are restrictions on what you can consume  / do before the test).
VO2Max testing will identify your aerobic threshold and maximum threshold of your body to consume oxygen. This will help you identify and train against these levels in your training – great for endurance athletes, runners, obstacle course athletes, and definitely CrossFit athletes
Registration is open to the entire Historic Roswell Community, but please do so soon to secure your preferred times

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