Happy Halloween – Tuesday, October 31st 2017

WOD – “Hang on”

9 Hang snatch (115/80)
12 Bar facing burpees
15/10 cal assault
Rest :90 after each round
4 rounds for total time

WOD Brief

This is a sprint. The barbell is slightly heavier than classic movements, but the lower reps should allow you to progress through them. If you cannot go unbroken, go for a 5/4 split.  After the hang power snatch, full speed ahead!

Effort is about 85-90% effort (VO2Max) and in the rests you should attempt to take in THIRTY deep diaphragm breaths – it doesn’t matter how, just get the O2.

 Box Brief
NBK has partnered with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation for the betterment of kids. This WOD is named after their efforts and the special lanterns celebration that occurs. Please see how you can help, join us in raising money, and share the message.
Announcing the CFNBK bring a friend (kids program), grab a card from any Coach and the bearer of the card will receive a week of CFNBK for free (if new to CF, they can attend 4 on-ramp sessions), starting Sunday, October 15th.


Saturday, November 4th – Pediatric Brain Tumor Fundraiser!!
Monday, November 6th – DEXA Body Scan + RMR onsite at NBK
November 13th – 3:30pm Yoga Class at special rate for NBK members @ Yoga Life Studio in Historic Roswell (potent focus on opening lumbar spine, ankle mobility, and hips too)
Friends-Giving November – to be announced
December 9th – Gymnastics Clinic by Power Monkey team and CrossFit Games Athlete (register online)
Holiday December Party – Beautiful Dinner and Social Event, to be announced

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