Tuesday, January 2nd 2017

Adam, 405# DL 1/1/2018




2,018m row,
10 Sandbag over Shoulder (80/60)
10 cal Assault
10 Box Jumps (24/20)

WOD Brief

The strength is a HEAVY dead lift across. Take time to warmup and then lets get to it. Position and drive must be our focus. Maximal tension on the upper body and arms to transfer that hinge position please.

Today is our first full schedule day back and we get right to it. We recently completed a 1k row in a workout, so you are aware of your abilities. Please tick off a few seconds off your pace (go slower, i.e., if you went 1:53/500m .. go for maybe 1:56/500m for the first 500m), and then increase your intensity as you progress through the 2,018 meters. You will realize a better time and improve your fitness at once.

The remainder of the 20 minutes is an AMRAP.  Pick an aggressive pace here. You are aiming for consistent intensity. Sandbags – give yourself max 2 breath breaks (nasal breathing if possible). The AAB cals are short and should just be knocked out quickly with your 85-90% intensity. Box jumps – you will visit these often, so experiment with quick rebounds and step-downs as you need to regulate. Step-downs can be done quickly, so use that to rest your calves and achilles vs. resting your heart and lungs.

 Box Brief
NBK Upgrades all around today – please give a huge thank you to JP and Katie who worked tirelessly to bring forward the vision
Sponsor program – any new members’s you bring, 2nd month is 50% off for both of you! (As a Sponsor, you’ll work with the new member, train, and help them become better each day)
Nutrition Program is launching with RMR scan at NBK. It is free and will be very focused on results; all skill levels, but only NBK members at this time.

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