Thursday, January 11th 2018

Strength work

Push Press: 3-3-3-3-3

WOD – “Little Havana”

27/21 Cal Row
21 DB Snatch (50/35)
15 Cal Assault

WOD Brief

Push Presses should be worked up to a heavy set of three ACROSS. Meaning, take 3-5 minutes at least to work up to a heavy weight, and then hold that heavy weight for 3 across 5 sets. If you get to through the 3rd set and feel you have a lot in the tank, no worries ADD weight for 4 and 5. You should be done at the end.

This WOD will challenge our strength endurance and so the sets should be broken up on the snatch and HSPU to avoid hitting fatigue. Hit the snatch with a pace you can hold solid with the lighter weight, these should be manageable. The HSPU are best broken to 70% of your max set capacity (so if you can do 10 unbroken all day long, maybe go for sets 6 and 3).

This is a longer time domain, so strive to keep a good intensity, scale accordingly.

 Box Brief
NBK Upgrades continue with some corrections made to our HVAC yesterday – ramping these units up to 100% production. “Hot CrossFit” available upon request! Updates continuing with your help. Thank you for those offering their skills and time these past few weeks
Sponsor program – any new members’s you bring, 2nd month is 50% off for both of you! (As a Sponsor, you’ll work with the new member, train, and help them become better each day)
Nutrition Program is launching with RMR scan at NBK. It is free and will be very focused on results; all skill levels, but only NBK members at this time.

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