Friday, February 2nd 2018



OHS, skill -> 5×3 ascending weight

WOD – “In and out” 

Overhead squats (96/65)
Bar facing burpees

WOD Brief

Overhead squats – we will work on position and improvement. As we practiced last week, a PVC can be all we need to really expose and improve our strength, mobility, and comfort in this position. Please be relentless on your positions, and then progress to add weight for the five rounds. Adding weight may be going from PVC to finishing at 15lbs, or it could be as heavy as possible. Please take the bar off the rack on your heavier sets. Taking a few light rounds from the ground will build your comfort with the bar, and help with the WOD.

We will increment by 3 reps for every round for OHS and bar facing burpees. The weight should be close to or less than 75% of your max OHS that we completed in the strength portion today – a rough guide, be a smart athlete.

Your goal is to move quickly through the first few rounds, and then settle into a pace you can sustain that is quick. OHS are RX when you break parallel and finish a rep with extended hips + knees with arms locked out overhead at top (arms may bend in the movement, but full extension at top is a full repetition). Burpees – quads and chest on the ground – 2 foot jump down and up today, two foot jump and two foot landing for RX today.

Focus on your breath – while in the air jumping and in the OHS, having tension doesn’t require you to hold your breath. Secure your abdominals and breath consistently.

 Box Brief
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