Wednesday, February 21st 2018

Matthew smashing 36″ box jumps, hard work paying off

Skill Development  

HSPU & Power Cleans

WOD – “15.4” 

3 Cleans (185/125)
3 Cleans
(+3 reps to HSPU every round)

WOD Brief

Skills today will focus on improving the kip of our handstand push-ups. If we are still working on the HSPU, we’ll take time on strict movements in the pike and full vertical. For kip work we’ll work first with our feet on the ground – frog jumps and inverted both facing / reversed against the wall.. Focus on drives to the sky vs arching to the wall or falling towards the rig.

The WOD is a retest Open workout and a simple couplet. We’ll do 3 handstand pushups and then 3 cleans. Each round add 3 reps to the handstand pushups. The cleans are heavy and likely singles. The weight should be challenging enough, but not stop anyone in their tracks. The point of our training is to consistently train and hit the target stimulus to create a better fitter self. Adjust the barbell as you need.

Scaling from the Open suggests a 10 rep push press and 10 rep clean across the 8 minutes. This would be a solid workout in and of itself. So if you scale to this standard, you’ll get an incredible workout. This scale uses 2 barbells as follows:

Men push press 95 lb. and clean 115 lb.
Women push press 65 lb. and clean 75 lb.

 Box Brief

BINGO – fill a row win and get a ticket for prizes drawn at end of the month!! Grab a sheet at the desk – Prizes include membership $$, restaurant gift cards, and more!
NBK Anniversary Celebration is March 3rd at NBK. Save it on your calendar and let’s have a fantastic day together.
The CrossFit OPEN is approaching, NBK will host 2 events and you are invited!
  • 18.1 Saturday February 24th 5:30pm – 8pm (Drinks, fun, and we’ll do the workout together!)
  • 18.3 Friday March 9th time 5:30-8pm

Nutrition Program is ongoing at this time – if you are interested in leaning out, this is your program. Free weeks are still remaining to get you started, no commitment.

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