Thursday, June 28th 2018


Push Press

WOD – “Devil Dance”

5 Devils Press w/ no jump burpee behind plate 35/25
15 Air Squats
5 min AMRAP
Rest 3 min
10 min AMRAP
5 Devils Press with Plate
200m run

WOD Brief

Strength will have us continuing our linear progression – build from the last few week’s numbers. In most cases we should see 2.5-5lb gains depending on your consistency these past days of training. Given it is a push press – you can clean it from the ground for extra fun, or take it from a rack – focus on straight up and down drives today on the push press, the better we stay in tension the better we’ll transfer our power through the bar and up.

The WOD includes a devil press. This is a movement we have done in our weekend classes and is a fun addition. The flow today includes a no jump burpee. This means at 3, 2,1, go .. you will first perform a burpee and stand up, no jump, then pick up plate and swing it from the ground to overhead (think a kettlebell like movement) – massive hip drive here with a mindful engaged back. Adjust the weight if you need.

We will then perform 15 air squats and repeat for 5 minutes. This will be fast as possible. The weight will slow us down a bit, but those air squats could be accomplished in 20 seconds if a bear is chasing us.

We will rest and put on our running shoes … now we perform another AMRAP for 10 minutes … now with JUST a devils press (no burpee at all) and then a 200m hard run.

Take time to get the movement in a flow that works for you – only the side of the plate needs to touch the ground for each rep – DO NOT roll the plates, drop them flat or place them down.. .nobody wants to be run over by a rolling 35/25lb piece of rubber.

Box Brief

Coalition Food and Beverage is OPEN!!!  Visit our friends and fellow athletes Ryan and Woody’s latest restaurant in downtown Alpharetta! Congrats to these gentlemen for the hard work.

4th of July we’ll have 2 classes for our Freedom workout, regular schedule remaining week

Highlight videos and training videos – we have been sharing them, if you have any fun ones you capture – please tag @CrossFitNBK and or send to Jimmy. We’ll crosspost it with you.

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