Monday, July 2nd 2018

4th of July, 8am and 11am classes – OPEN invite to family and friends


Push Press

WOD – “GG #5”

150 Double unders
75’ Frwl
50 thrusters
150 DU

WOD Brief

Ok, today we continue on our strength cycle with the push press. Focus on doubles today and make them EACH push presses. Drive up with momentum and let’s keep training our bodies to transfer this energy to the bar.

The WOD is from the last week of the Granite Games Qualifier. The intent here is to bring our heart rates up with the 150 double unders, and then work through two movements under tension with the higher heart rate. If you focus on breathing through your nose and out through your mouth every step of the FRWL = front rack walking lunge, and then again during the thrusters you will be in good shape. This is a flat out grind, so find a sustainable level of effort around 85-90% the entire time. Closing out with the doubleunders means we really need to keep our patience (with ourselves) as we wrap these up. If you miss, simply restart and keep moving.

The weight target is 50/35, but you should adjust this workout to fit your fitness today. There is a 20 minute time cap for all athletes today.

Double unders – adjust to singles, do a set of burpees, jump to a plate, many options …

Weight – dumbbells and bruteforce sandbags would be grand today. You should be able to complete a 25ft distance with the weight in the lunge.

Lunges – you can go no weight or FRWL with the weight of your choice. Holding a KB high need the chest is also a nice adjustment

Thrusters – again, many weight choices .. adjust to work around any movement requirements.

BOX Brief

Rock climbing was a blast – if you haven’t gone, join in the next time .. we will be visiting the I-85 Stone Summit location next time!

4th of July classes are 8am and 11am. Partner HERO WOD style

Tuesday 5am is Big Red’s coaching debut, excited to have such a talented and seasoned coach join our team. He has been shadowing and working with our team this past month and glad to welcome him to our part time staff

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