WOD – Thursday, July 5th 2018



Back Squat


Buy in: 25 cal bike
Wall balls
Buy out: 25 cal bike

WOD Brief

4th of July was a blast, yup. Excited to have hosted so many athletes sporting their stars and stripes as we honored a HERO. The rest of the week we will continue on normal schedule and programming. Let’s make the most of our day and training – an hour is all you need to achieve your fittest health, so let’s be consistent.

Strength we continue on our linear progression to set new standards for percentages in a two weeks.

The WOD begins and ends with a 25 calorie bike sprint. Yes, the first one should be close to 90% effort, but not so fast you have to catch your breath for too long before getting into the main body of work here.. the WOD ends with a 25 calorie bike sprint – and yes, THAT is where you go 110% and blow through your anaerobic thresholds (that red line .. cross it and keep going till you are done).

After the buy-in we will complete each movement in sequence. So we’ll begin with 21 wall balls, then 21 burpees (standard in place burpees – 2 feet back 2 feet forward JUMP), and then 15.. 9 .. 15 ..21.

The burpees should be your most paced area, many athletes will find themselves going at a slightly slower pace here than normal – that is OK, so long as your wall balls are intact and unbroken .. if you need to rest on the wall ball then pick up pace on burpees.

Feel free to explode in a burst of flames at the end, not before ;0

Box Brief

Coalition Food and Beverage is OPEN!!!  Visit our friends and fellow athletes Ryan and Woody’s latest restaurant in downtown Alpharetta!

Luau at Table and Main is THIS Sunday, buy tickets here. I look forward to seeing all you beautiful people there.

Highlight videos and training videos – we have been sharing them, if you have any fun ones you capture – please tag @CrossFitNBK and or send to Jimmy. We’ll crosspost it with you.

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