Training at and above the ‘red line’ delivers significant benefits for weightlifters and endurance athletes

  • How hard can you go before you feel the lactic acid?
  • Did you know you can raise that level?

Did you know these improvements to your health benefit equally those who are sprinters, olympic weightlifters, and of course endurance style athletes

When we train above our “red line” and occasionally we train right at it .. the science proves that this intensity delivers the highest benefits. Increased work capacity that translate to as much our endurance / runners as to those who love a good heavy barbell. In addition to improved heart, lung, and oxygen delivery this training protocol literally raises all boats – aerobic, anaerobic, lactate thresholds, strength, power output, and most efficient relative to time investment.

Here is a bit of the science highlights. Sources included below “If they engage in endurance events, they must also develop the ability to sustain a high fractional utilization of their maximal oxygen uptake (%VO2 max) and become physiologically efficient in performing their activity. Anaerobic threshold is highly correlated to the distance running performance as compared to maximum aerobic capacity or VO2 max, because sustaining a high fractional utilization of the VO2 max for a long time delays the metabolic acidosis. Training at or little above the anaerobic threshold intensity improves both the aerobic capacity and anaerobic threshold level.”

Post training group that trained at greater than lactate threshold had significantly higher VO2max (13%), VO2LT (47%) and VO2LT/VO2max (33%) values as compared to the at lactate threshold and sub LT control group.

Anaerobic Threshold: Its Concept and Role in Endurance Sport
Asok Kumar Ghosh

Effects of training at and above the lactate threshold on the lactate threshold and maximal oxygen uptake.
Henritze J, Weltman A, Schurrer RL, Barlow K.

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