WOD – Thursday, September 18th 2019


Heavy Power Clean Triples

WOD  – “Power strokes”

75 du
9 Power Cleans (165/115)
100 du
12 Power Cleans
125 du
15 Power Cleans
150 du
For time

WOD Brief

Touch and go today on the power cleans. Set, lift, reset, repeat. We are going heavy for triples so lets build smartly and get after it.

The WOD has us with a moderate barbell weight, which means we should be able to lift as touch and go or quick small sets. We don’t want to sprint the barbell to the point we wreck our form or doubleunder form… but we need to move.

Aim to break up the power cleans as you move through each effort – the reps increase on both the doubleunders AND power cleans, so the pace we hit the power clean should be near the same from beginning to end. This is a fun challenging climb for a workout. Too often we seek workouts where we get less and less reps… allowing us to speed up without a sense of our pacing, heart rate, and stroke rate on the rope.

Doubleunders are to be big sets – aim for 15-20% blocks of doubleunders less than your max block. If you know the set size of DU you can consistently hit – do that amount, but if you don’t know … all good … take off a percentage and you’ll have a solid training session.

Box Brief

Relay for Rwanda shirts are being delivered FRIDAY!

Able to donate and help build a hospital??  Please donate to help us build a hospital in Rwanda – here is the link

Videos and media being posted beginning today, but we are helping a charity building a hospital in Rwanda. We are opening in December and will serve an area of hard working folks where the closest hospital is 20+ miles away. More to follow – fundraiser, charity competition, fun challenges, and more!

Highlight videos and training videos – we have been sharing them, if you have any fun ones you capture – please tag @CrossFitNBK and or send to Jimmy. We’ll crosspost it with you.

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