WOD – Monday, September 24th 2018


MIDLINE: Sandbag carry .. GHD .. Farmers carry

WOD  – “Fall Breakers”

EMOM: 20
EVEN: 5 box Jump + 5 Burpee

WOD Brief

Our strength incorporates three important movements that’ll help expose, improve, and strength your body. Focus on great form and let’s get heavy over a couple of rounds. We are going a bit longer distance, so stay safe; breath in through your nose, and squeeze that midsection. If you don’t have GHDs, you can do a few GHD and the rest V-cups or anchor your arms on a KB and bring your legs to the KB – lots of options, but lets really work on that compression strength.

The WOD is a straight bout of work. We will work for 20 minutes, each minute will begin with a different movement – odds one movement and evens the next. The box jumps require hips open at the top (24/20) and the burpees are standard 2 feet back 2 feet forward, jump with hands up.

In the alternating minute you’ll go for max ski erg distance. You have the entire minute, so work accordingly. Record your SKI erg calories and the total will be your final score.

Box Brief

Anna – Gaby – Sidney Granite Games shirts are ready for distribution!

Relay for Rwanda shirts should be labeled for distribution Monday afternoon for pick-up. Please leave money on desk if you wish, or we can simply process card on file.

Able to donate and help build a hospital??  Please donate to help us build a hospital in Rwanda – here is the link

Videos and media being posted beginning today, but we are helping a charity building a hospital in Rwanda. We are opening in December and will serve an area of hard working folks where the closest hospital is 20+ miles away. More to follow – fundraiser, charity competition, fun challenges, and more!

Highlight videos and training videos – we have been sharing them, if you have any fun ones you capture – please tag @CrossFitNBK and or send to Jimmy. We’ll crosspost it with you.

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