Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS:


Power Snatch

1.1.1 x 5

Superset with max height vertical jumps


11 minute AMRAP


8 DB/KB Farmers Carry Lunges(50/35)

WOD Brief:

Week 3 of working on these power snatches and snatch grip push press. The great thing about training these two snatch specific lifts: is that is makes us stronger in the snatch. The snatch grip push press strengthens our overhead position, while the over head squat increases the time under tension and forces us to use our shoulders, lats, core and legs in harmony with one another. Then we follow that with some heavy power snatch triples and PVC jumps! Explosive hips, explosives legs and speed ultimately allow us to be better at everything we do here day in and day out.

The wod today is a quick intense couplet that is going to gas us quick but we must hold out for all 11 short minutes(and you thought microwave minutes were long). Let’s push ourselves on these lunges as the rep count is low and time domain isn’t long. Warm up your shoulders appropriately today, team…they have some work to do.

Box Brief

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