Kettle-bell Snatch Review


“Row the Snatch”

25 Minute Amrap

10 cal row

10 Kb Snatch (5/5) (53/35)

20 cal row

20 KBSN (10/10)

30 cal row


40 cal row


50 cal row

50 KB snatch …


Long workout jam session today! Taking a day away from the barbell, spending time moving well, moving hard and working on our aerobic capacity. The couplet is simple, rowing and kettle bell snatches. Kettlebell snatches are not something we can to train often so let’s talk a little on form.

  1. The snatch is not a big swing. If you try to get the bell overhead with a straight arm you’re going to hurt yourself. The bell must stay close to your body.
  2. The arm position for much of the snatch is a broken arm, with the elbow leading on the way up.
  3. Kettle bells are good for some things and not so good for others. High repetition ballistics is one of the things they’re really good for.Even a moderate weight adds up to a significant workload very quickly. Twenty snatches on the minute with a 24kg bell adds up to 2400kg of load overhead in five minutes. There are not many activities you can do that will allow you to work so hard. This makes the kettle bell snatch a great choice for adding conditioning while simultaneously strengthening the body(this is our why).
  4. Don’t rush it, it’s a new movement, and one that requires some focus to learn, but once you get it, you get it!

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