Strength(4 sets):

A1.Box Step Up x 8/ Leg

A2.Glute Ham Raise x 8 reps

A3. 30s Arch Body Hold



Deadlifts 135/95

Hand Release Push Ups

Calorie Row

Rest 3


Deadlifts 135/95


Cal Row

Rest 3


Deadlifts 135/95


Cal Row

WOD Brief:

Strength today is 4 sets of three underrated exercises that will channel the posterior chain, core, glutes, hamstrings and nearly everything in between. Four rounds NOT for time of weighted box step ups, glute ham raises (performed on the GHD) and lastly a hollow body arch hold…sounds easy right…? You may be pleasantly surprised with how challenging this complex will be, and how much your body will thank you.

Our met-con today is three fiery rounds of deadlifts+hand release push ups and calories on the rower…each round is separated by three minutes rest and reps decrease as we go! Starting fresh the first round will be a nice lung wake up, but how much faster can we get under fatigue and with a little lactic buildup as we progress? Treat each round as a sprint maintaining perfect positions despite fatigue and let’s hit it with some intensity today!

Box brief:

Birthday bash wods January 22 @ 5:30pm!

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