February 4th, 2018 – WOD


Build to heavy

100’ sand bag carry + 100’ farmers carry

For max load


50/35 cal Assault bike


3 rounds 25 sit ups 25 wall balls (20/14)


Yesterday we honored a hero and pulled all the heavy things off the ground and did an immense amount of pressing. We’ll work more total strength today with heavy sandbag carries and a farmers walk. You will gain the most from today by finding the safest heaviest load you can manage across the whole distance. Focus on the right tension and positions today.

Breath in through your nose out through your mouth at a regular pace and you’ll see even greater results. Bear hug is ideal, be smart.

The WOD is a fun straight up rigorous push. We’ll hit a large block of assault bike calories – done in waves from the start. These should be big efforts, those who have been in a few endurance classes have experienced 50x and 75x calories recently, so you are ready!

Then a nice couplet of sit-ups (GHD if you are feeling fresh) and wall balls. Aim for unbroken wall balls and then consistent sit-ups.

BOX Brief:

  • Wednesday is a pop-up at Variant Brewery, we’d love to see you there supporting that local business!
  • Valentines Day ish Event is posted on Facebook, join in!
  • The OPEN begins on Feb 22nd for us, we’ll have the Open workout every Friday (the day after they are announced). Judges will be available for those seeking a validated score.

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