B. EMOM 20

1: 15 GHDSU

2: 100’ sandbag carry (150/100)

3: 15 cal bike erg

4: 25’ hsw



Simply put a “Goat” is a movement that you need to work on. Ask any Crossfitter from the newbie all the way to the competitor and we’ll be able to rattle off a list a mile long of Goats (weaknesses/goals).

We’ve all got em’ – embrace them, train them, improve them, cross em’ off your list and then move on to the next one. Training your Goats is a great way to improve your CrossFit training.

Think about it…

When you saw double unders in the last workout, did you instantly get bummed or did you get excited knowing you were going to dominate that workout? Getting better at your weaknesses will automatically increase the intensity of your workouts. Increased Intensity = Increased Results.

So how do I pick a Goat? Well, which one do you want to do the least? There’s your answer!

After goat practice, we move onto a nice flow emom to fire up our core, elevate your heart rate and leave you fresh and ready for whatever the open throws at us Friday! Come ready to be vulnerable, work hard and leave feeling super refreshed!

Box brief:

2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY: March 1 630pm at Variant!

Open workouts will take place every Friday during classes for the next four weeks and again on Saturday mornings at 10am!

Join us Thursday nights at the Standard in Roswell for opening viewing announcements.

New hoodies/t-shirts are in stock-get one before they run out!

REFERRAL PROGRAM-Click herefor more information…bring friends and get free things!

Check in challenge continues! Check in to class and whoever checks in the most will win awesome swag, gift cards and more!

Able to donate and help build a hospital??  Please donate to help us build a hospital in Rwanda – here is the link

Rwanda fundraiser shirts are in…please pick them up next time you come to class!

Highlight videos and training videos – we have been sharing them, if you have any fun ones you capture – please tag @CrossFitNBK and or send to Jimmy/Sarah. We’ll cross-post it with you.

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