WOD Brief – Tuesday April 9th, 2019


Deadlift 6×4




Sit-ups + Double Unders

NBK Finisher – Core and Glutes

3 Rounds Reverse Sled Pulls, 100′ – Goal is Bodyweight or higher with beautiful form

WOD Brief

We return today to the Deadlifts that we left on Friday, but now we have a 1RM to reference. Goal is 82-87% of 1RM from last week for ladies, closer to 87-90% as they can handle higher reps closer to their maxes than men. Goal is to build weight and then dance with weight within these percentage ranges for the six sets.

Perfect form as always. If you are losing your core engagement grab the PEC Stick and do a quick 25-35 U-shaped squeezes. Think about your pecs + your obliques (outside your belly button). NO Erectors in this lift.

The WOD is a fun Girl workout, and is meant to be an all out sprint. Scale appropriately to get a sprint and go hard and let’s see where we stand today.

The NBK Finisher is continuing on the upper back strength and posterior programming we have done over the past month. This is designed to really build our full body and the little supporting muscles. Today is an important reverse sled drag – points of performance I am looking for in this movement:

  • Arms straight, zero bend (think deadlift)
  • on the balls of your feet with short quick steps
  • Tall and full tension from your raised heels (heels are ALWAYS raised on this movement) all the way to the top of your head – max tension.
  • Zero hinge, you should be stiff as a board
  • To get the sled moving, stand away from sled with straps tight and no slack. Now simply lean backwards. Gravity will take the rest.

Love you all, let’s have a great day. Deep training cycle right now, so grab those rest days where you need them and have fun!

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