Pausing Squat Snatch 7×3-ascending


20/15 Cal Row (RX+ 25/20 Cal Bike)

20 Thruster (95/65) (RX+ 115/75)

3 Rounds for Time


Snatching today! But today we are mixing things up a little bit by adding in a pause in the bottom position to work on that midline stabilization and bottom positioning that tend to battle with from time to time. From here we will work up to a heavy-ish triple for the day, but maintaining the fact that technique beats load, 100%.

The met-con today is intended to be a high intensity, balls to the wall type workout. Find power and keep the pace on the rower at a powerful pace, but one that will allow you to hit giant sets on the thrusters. Pace the row, kill the thrusters, repeat three times and boom, the work is done for the day.

Box brief:

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April 27&28- Rowing on the water!

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