05.24.19-Murph Monday:8am



  1. Bar Dips
  2. Seesaw Shoulder Press


2 minutes on / 2 minutes active recovery (x3)

2 wall walks+10/8 cal AB

2 minutes on / 2 minutes active recovery (x3)

4 T2B+50m run


Today we are working on some upper body strength work with both dips and shoulder presses. We are introducing the seesaw press, this pressing variation allows you to work with heavier kettlebells overhead since they won’t be overhead at the same time. It incorporates your entire upper body and builds incredible structural integrity to allow you to go heavier much sooner.

Step 1: Double clean a pair of kettlebells to the rack position

Step 2: Maintaining a square stature press up with one kettlebell keeping your shoulder down, lats engaged, and bicep away from the ear.

Step 3: As you “pull” one kettlebell down as if performing a one arm chin-up, press up with the other bell so that they meet in the middle.

Tips and Safety: Maintain a long spine throughout the movement never rounding or overextending. Keep your gaze slightly above the horizon and drive your feet into the ground rooting yourself and creating a solid foundation.

Enjoy the new movements and gains today!

A simple met con of short sprint amraps separated by equal rest. Work to rest ratio will allow you to go hard and keep the intensity high today.

Box Brief:

MURPH 05.27: 8am

No 6:15am classes on Thursdays.

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