B1. DB tempo walking lunge steps 2×10+10

B2. Bent Over KB Row 2×12+12

WOD: With a 20 min clock…

minute 0:00-9:00: AMRAP

18/14 cal row

9 Pull-ups (or 6 CTB or 3 Bar MU)

Minute 11:00 -20:00: AMRAP

18/14 cal AB or 20/15 Bike ERG Cals

16 OH KB Squat (53/35)

WOD Brief:

Starting off with a strength superset with today with some gluteus/posterior stability strength work and upper back core with KB rows. Go heavier today than we did last time but maintain the strict tempo and time under tension as it is intentional! Time under tension (or TUT for short) is used in strength and conditioning and bodybuilding. Essentially, it refers to how long a muscle is under strain during a set. By putting a muscle under longer bouts of strain, you can cause extensive muscle breakdown leading to sleeve-busting, ferociously strong muscles in a shorter amount of time than with less tut. Maintaining form today is key!

A midlength BURNER metcon today to send you off into the weekend in sweaty style. A sprint followed by a bracing movement will force you to be strategic and keep your breaths under control, go hard, stay tight and don’t hold back.

Box Brief:

No 6:15am classes on Thursdays.

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