Memorial Day Murph in 2020 — our announcement of a Quarantine Version (QV)

How should you complete Memorial Day Murph in 2020?

One of the great traditions annually is being able to come together in May and complete the HERO WOD, Murph. It allows athletes to challenge themselves, tackle movements they have been building capacity on in their training, and honors a hero. This year we will be completing Murph on Memorial Day and have developed a new customization to reflect Quarantine and our at home training. Of course, all versions are on the table for you. Murph will be scheduled on Monday, with extra slots made available on Sunday.

MURPH — Quarantine Version (QV)

1 mile run

100 Push Presses (35/25 | 65/55)

200 Push-ups

300 Air Squats

1 mile run

The push press is total reps if done single arm, or total if done with a LIGHT barbell. If using a sandbag please cut reps in half, and wow that’s impressive. Now if you have been hitting some volume of pull-ups or want to use rings as a sub — by ALL MEANS, get at it!

As in any tough workout, elect a total rep scheme and loading that suits YOUR current state. Ask your coach, or drop questions in the comments. This version will be plenty challenging 😉

Here is a quick test for yourself, to self select:

  • If you have completed 30–50 pull-ups a week, every week — do Murph as prescribed
  • If you have completed 20–30 pulling variations a week, consider less pull-ups for Murph
  • If you have completed ZERO pull-ups, but HAVE trained overhead pressing — use Push Presses as a sub for pull-ups

How you break up is up to you here — pick the right movements for you that honor your training. Above all — DO the workout, no matter where we are today!

NBK Schedule for Murph: Sunday and Monday (Memorial Day) time slots will be available, reservations mandatory – please select your time on the App.

I love traditions, community, and us building each other up. Training should leave you feeling stronger, more confident, and healthier. This year we have all pushed through huge challenges emotionally and more. This year we honor Murph, and ourselves on Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day. We also will complete it in the Fall, after we leave Quarantine behind us.

Pick the best version for yourself — get it done, and know whether you RX+ or scale it — know we do it together.

Love you, Coach

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