Friday, November 3rd 2017

WOD – “Variant Brewery”

Toes to bar
Clean and jerk (135/95)

WOD Brief

Strong and steady is the play here after a full work of training. Hit good positions, be efficient, and reset between the rig and your barbell. Reset every time with the barbell, so attack is in sets. A great way to bring in the weekend. Hope to see everyone at Variant Brewery Friday night and Saturday we are at the Starry Night 5k fundraiser.

 Box Brief
DEXA Body Scan + RMR onsite at NBK  is coming to serve us this Monday – please register immediately to measure your progress and know your unique caloric requirements.


Saturday, November 4th – Pediatric Brain Tumor Fundraiser!!
Monday, November 6th – DEXA Body Scan + RMR onsite at NBK
November 13th – 3:30pm Yoga Class at special rate for NBK members @ Yoga Life Studio in Historic Roswell (potent focus on opening lumbar spine, ankle mobility, and hips too)
Friends-Giving November – to be announced
December 9th – Gymnastics Clinic by Power Monkey team and CrossFit Games Athlete (register online)
Holiday December Party – Beautiful Dinner and Social Event, to be announced


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