Monday, October 9th, 2017


Build up w/ 2 working sets:

Strength/Skill:2×8 80% of 1RM DeadLift

“WZA Qualifier #6” 

90 DU
70 Wall Ball (20/14)
50 Deadlift (135/95)
30 Burpee Pull up
50 Deadlift
70 Wall Balls (20/14)
90 DU

WOD Brief

This workout is a test of our engine. Lighter loads on the deadlift barbell and burpee pull-ups mean we are striving for a consistent yet aggressive pace throughout the entire chipper.
DU – Be efficient and keep heart rate low
Wall Balls – Chip away conservatively with short rests if necessary (3 sets of 25 would be nice)
Dead Lifts – consistency and small sets – a set of 15-10-10-10
Burpee pull-ups – move methodically here with a bias to step ups
On the return – begin to move faster, smaller sets will occur, so grind away, and stay consistent.
There are a good amount of movements here, so transition quickly and attack each station. You’ll save 2-3 minutes simply by moving with intention.

Box Brief

Announcing the CFNBK bring a friend (kids program), grab a card from any Coach and the bearer of the card will receive a week of CFNBK for free (if new to CF, they can attend 4 on-ramp sessions), starting Sunday, October 15th.

Wednesday, October 25th (5-7pm) – Halloween Costume Throwdown & Potluck $100 in Prizes
Saturday, November 11th – NBK Public Individual Competition, Red WOD & Blue

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