Friends-Giving Day! November 16th 2017

Courtney competing in Savannah

WOD – “Three wishes”

With a partner
50 Deadlift (185/135)
max Cal Assault bike (must alternate every 10 cals)
Rest 3

50 Power clean (165/115)
Max Cal Assault Bike (must alternate every 10 cals)
Rest 3

50 Front squat (135/95)
Max Cal Assault Bike (must alternate every 10 cals)

WOD Brief

A heavy day and three chances to execute. The format allows you to get the work done rapidly and hit several rounds on the Assault Bike as a team. The weight should be reasonable and something you can move rapidly. Switch quickly with your partner, communicate, and get to the bike. We intentionally kept the body free of heavy weight these past two days to hit other areas of our fitness, so you should be good to go. Hit and have fun.

We have our Friends-Giving at 6:30pm, so grab a partner – get the training done and let’s relax together.

Box Brief
Today we are having our Potlock Friends-Giving event at 6:30pm, no 7pm class
Starting Monday, our 7pm class will move to 6:30pm!
We will have reduced hours next week for Thanksgiving – please check the schedule
Practice reserving your spot in class, ask a coach. Videos are posted. This will allow us to ensure we have the right amount of coaches for every class and ensure NBK is serving you in the best manner possible.


Friends-Giving November 16th – RSVP & share your cooking talents!
December 3rd – NBK Yoga class at LiveURYoga studio, sign-up online! 50% off savings. Focus is on CrossFit athlete problem areas

December 9th – Gymnastics Clinic by Power Monkey team and CrossFit Games Athlete (register online)
Holiday December Party – Beautiful Dinner and Social Event, to be announced


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