Monday, December 11th 2017



Back Squat 4-4-4-4

WOD – “Deck the Halls”

Row 25/20 cals
25 Sandbag Squats (100/80)**
Row 25/20 cals
15 Sandbag over shoulder
3 rounds for time

**If you drop Santa’s sandbag during your sandbag squats you have to “deliver a toy” Toy delivery= 1 lap around building with sandbag in a bear hug.

WOD Brief

Today’s back squats should be heavy, in the 90 percentile. Take the time to work up to your heavy 4s and get after it.

The WOD has a slightly heavier bag involved, and you’ll need to commit every time you lift the bag. Stabilize your core with the internal obliques and a stable back. The lift should be done with straight arms. Bear hug for the sandbag squats, below parallel is the standard. Choose a weight you can do all 25 squats in one go.

 Box Brief
WINNER of our Coach Contest will be revealed this week.
Tony is our WINNER of this week’s Class Reservation Competition and has earned 1 free 2lb bag of Ascent Protein. Keep up the great work!


NBK Holiday December Party – Beautiful Dinner and Social Event – FESTIVE Attire, Dec 17th

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