Tuesday, December 12th 2017


Push & Pull AMRAP, Scaled to skill levels (HSPU / Vertical Pulling)

WOD – “Stacks”

20 pull ups
60 DU
20 HSPU (kipping)
20/15 cal ski
3 rounds for time

WOD Brief

The skill is to be adjusted to your capabilities. The clock will run for 12 minutes with :90 of work allowed for each movement. The intent here is to develop better shapes, movement, and build up your skill for reaching the next progression level.

The WOD will move quickly but sets should be considered if the prescribed reps are at or close to your maximum. For instance if 20 pull-ups is your max fresh, perhaps two sets of 10 with a short break will serve you better. Double unders should be done if you have them, and be done with careful whip drive in the wrists. The more rotation allowed for the shoulders in the DU, the harder the handstand pushups will become.

 Box Brief
NBK Holiday party potlock signup page is on the whiteboard, looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday!
WINNER of our Coach Contest will be revealed this week.
Tony is our WINNER of this week’s Class Reservation Competition and has earned 1 free 2lb bag of Ascent Protein. Keep up the great work!


NBK Holiday December Party – Beautiful Dinner and Social Event – FESTIVE Attire, Dec 17th

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