Friday, January 26th 2018


Back Squat, Heavy 1

WOD – “Birchall” 

100 Back Squats (Bodyweight)
Perform 5 Burpees at the beginning of each minute
For time

WOD Brief

Finally the programming element pieces are fully revealed and the weaving of energy systems, planes of movement, strength development, and timing make sense. The use of high cadence thrusters with an open bar tied in a week with high volume moderate weight back squats allows for superb adaptation and challenge. Earlier in the week we hit our anaerobic energy system with an all out assault at the short time domain and 5x rest. While Thursday’s partner piece sought to create higher intensities of effort with shorter portions of rest. Tomorrow we honor a hero and close out the week with a challenging volume day.

The strength portion is to find your heaviest single. Build up smartly with 2-3 reps per set, and then go for ones thereafter. Take sufficient breaks and keep on the eye of the clock. We want to warmup quickly and then space the last heavy reps out with sufficient rest.

The WOD is dedicated to Major Sean Birchall, 33 years old of 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, who died in an explosion in Afghanistan on 6/19/2009. This weight is taken from the floor. If you are unable to rack the bar on your back, you may complete this RX as a front squat. Don’t worry we have a scale in the shower/changing rooms if it has been a while. Change plates are available 😉

At 3, 2, 1 go – athlete will complete 5 burpees (chest and quads to the ground, jump in the air) and then may take the bar from the ground using any Clean method, and then use any movement to rest the bar on your back (flex those muscles for a comfortable rack position). Move through these reps quickly in the first minute. At the top of the minute, drop your bar (mind your neighbor), and complete 5 burpees (chest and quads to the ground, jump in the air). Then proceed to chipping away at your back squats. Continue until you hit 100 reps.

As in most HERO workouts, this becomes more of a grind if allowed to go too many rounds. Move quickly in the beginning and do big sets. Find a reason to hold on, to keep moving, and do so with great technique.

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