Monday, January 29th 2018


Front Squat, 3×10


40 Wallballs (30, 20#), 10ft target
30 Toes-to-bar
20 Burpee Box Jump Over (24′, 20′)
30 Toes-to-bar
40 Wallballs
For time (Aim for 10 mins or better)

WOD Brief

Coming into the week hot with this Wodapalooza WOD for a flashback to when our friends and family were competing down in Miami. The week’s programming will be inclusive of some pretty heavy bars, heavy sandbags, and all the energy systems. Recover and adjust accordingly to achieve the day’s intentions, highlighted in our WOD Briefs. The better you adjust the workout the better the results you’ll receive.

Front squats – let’s get those lats mobile and rotate the elbows to parallel. We will be relentless in these positions, as it is necessary for meeting the movement standard but it is also the safest position for you! The intent of these 10 reps is to consistently move through the reps, if you take a big pause every squat – you are missing the value of a 10 rep (that said, by all means take a few breaths through these reps!).

The WZA WOD is a challenge as prescribed with the 30# wall ball and a 10 foot target for all athletes. This first round should be unbroken or 2 sets max.

Toes 2 Bar – we trained this type of transition recently and should aim to be just a little more challenging upon ourselves. Avoid failure due to fatigue – for those with a small amount of T2B, go ahead and do a large set. Then super set them with K2E or just straight K2E if the clock has rolled to 2 minutes.

Burpee Box jumps – no hip opening so GO FAST here. Breath while you are in the air and use that violent hip extension to fly through the air.

 We return back to the T2B and the Wall Balls. Here it is all about manageable sets and force yourself to squeeze one more rep. Allow your heart rate to float up, such that you are at an all out sprint for the final 20 reps.

YES, we need to move hard on this one. This is a lot of reps and work, please bring the reps down by 5 or 10 reps per movement to race through this one!

 Box Brief
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