Wednesday, January 31st 2018

WOD Prep

Front squat -> Push Press -> Thruster prep + Test Rounds

WOD – “15.5” 

Cal Row
Thruster (95/65)

WOD Brief

The harder and faster we sprint the greater the importance of prepping the body to perform our best. Today we hit a 2015 Open Workout that is a flat out burner. The rep scheme and movements paired together leave no place to recover and demand consistent focus throughout the WOD.

We will spend time on positions, finding efficiencies, improving our positions, and then will build up weight on the bars. A few test rounds will be done to help us prep and get a feel. These tests are done to be a test, so hit them hard and lets find the proper intensity before 3, 2, 1 GO.

The row should start off strong, but not an all out sprint – 85-90% of power. Quick (not rushed) transition to the barbell and straight into a big set. Ideally you go unbroken, but if you do aim for 15+12 with a quick rest. As the reps decline your intensity must increase, such that at the last round of 9 you are at 100% on the row and 100% on the Thruster.

If you break up your Thrusters, take a few deep breaths and then GO. It is better to take an extra second and complete the reps in 2 sets vs. 3-4 sets with shorter rest (that bouncing bar and regrip will cost at least 10 seconds every time, and that adds up quickly).

Eat right and let’s get into this benchmark..

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