Thursday March 1st, 2018

WOD – “Sprinter’s Paradise” 

For time
1 mile run
Rest 4 min

400m Run
30 cal ski
30 cal row
Rest 2 min

400m run
20 Cal Ski
20 Cal Row
(95% pace)
Rest 3 min

10 Cal Ski
10 Cal Row
(all out)
For time

Rain option:  125/85 Cal for Mile and 40/30 for the rest, AAB Cals!

WOD Brief

Today we have training that is very targeted at our aerobic energy systems. We hit a sprint at increasing intensities (a run but could easily be pushed to an Assault Bike or sandbag effort if injuries persist) combined with an all out power push through a ski and a row. The goal here is to aim for the intensities prescribed and then max out the last two movements.

As each round decreases in work, you’ll be able to be more aggressive and risk more. Go ahead and be bold, brave, and as we say in Endurance – burn it down. Let’s see what we can do.

The benefit of going maximal or super-maximal for these last two movements is the following:

  • Increased VO2 max
  • Increased lactate threshold
  • Increased blood volume
  • buffering capability
  • Increased lactate clerance
  • Increased glycolytic enzymes

Know why you are training and trust the process. We program to maximize your fitness for a long healthy life. These engines that we build power us daily as a parent, daughter, brother, son, leader, motivator, and as an athlete.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again at The Standard for the Open announcement of 18.2

 Box Brief

BINGO – is due today. Prizes will be awarded in the next few days, congrats to everyone for the hard work and great month. Let’s build on the momentum together!
NBK Anniversary Celebration is March 3rd at NBK. Save it on your calendar and let’s have a fantastic day together.
The CrossFit OPEN is approaching, NBK will host 2 events and you are invited!
  • 18.3 Saturday March 10th time 5:30-8pm

Nutrition Program is ongoing at this time – if you are interested in leaning out, this is your program. Free weeks are still remaining to get you started, no commitment.

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