Wednesday, March 14th 2018

Coach Dylan working with Beth


EMOM w/ Man maker DB, GHDSU, & Strict Chin-ups

WOD – “Heart race”

Even: Row 15/12 cal
Odd: 12 Burpees over Rower

WOD Brief

The strength today is designed to work several tough positions and allow for higher reps across each movement. Aim to work the entire 45 seconds of the minute and be productive. If a movement becomes tough – adopt a scale to keep working that full range of motion. Our goal is great mechanics throughout each movement. These are complimentary movements, so you should be able to get pretty aggressive without any crossover impact.

The WOD is a straight on challenge. This program is similar to a prior workout with the added challenge of the burpee over the rower element. The WOD begins with the row for the entire minute. Then at the next minute you complete 12 burpees over the rower – scale as you need, we want to work the entire 20 minutes. Scale down reps and or the burpee (instead of over the rower -> jumping burpee, etc..)

This is a high heart rate for a sustained duration workout and designed to give your CNS a chance to recover from the Dead lifts of Tuesday. Thursday we will hit a heavy barbell with thrusters.

 Box Brief

Coach Dylan who helped Christian get his first ring muscle up and worked with a few morning athletes will be coaching this afternoon and Thursday. Happy to have him working with us. He is from Denver and has coached for over 3 years at Crossfit affiliates that had Games level athletes and teams. He is a master of the accessory strength work and will bring huge value to our team while he is preparing to continue his legal career.

Nutrition Program is ongoing at this time – if you are interested in leaning out, this is your program. Free weeks are still remaining to get you started, no commitment.

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