Tuesday, March 13th 2018

Congrats to Harrison for hitting his first and MANY Ring Muscle-Ups at SNL



WOD – “Joey’s 18.4”

30 Wall ball (20/14)
20 Deadlift (185/135)
3 rounds for time

WOD Brief

Ever wonder what we would program if we could guess 18.4? Well, here you go.

The vision for this workout is to hit how our body responds in opening and closing of hips by applying weight in the concentric and eccentric positions – through inversion and shifting of movements.

The intent here is for speed. The DL should be moderately heavy but something you could hit swiftly. The HSPU can be kipped, and a mat or 2 is great. If you need 2+, strongly consider a pike on a box (it is a great adjustment that works your full range of motion without full body weight and kipping timing – thing Ring Thing for HSPU).

The wall balls, are big blocks but we only hit them 3 times, and will feel measurably lighter than the handstand push-up!

The key to success in today’s effort is minding your breath. Seriously, breath smoothly deeply across every rep. The number one reason athletes slow down is from holding their breath in these 3 movements. Lucky for us, we have combined them all together – so we will get better by breaking this pattern. Breath in through your nose, and out if possible .. fail to breathing out your mouth, and finally if you must … breath in and out of your mouth (but PLEASE return to nasal breath).

Let’s roll!

 Box Brief

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