Friday, March 16th 2018


Using hips and momentum in the kipping pull-upsters

WOD – “Double Helen”

800m run
42 KBS (53.35)
24 Pull ups
3 rounds for time

WOD Brief

The skill will focus heavily on the kip in our pull-ups. For those who have been doing strict pull-ups for a while of 5+ or more, today is a day to work on drills. If you are new to pull-ups and have not put a lot of tension on your shoulders and biceps, please use today as a chance to work strong positions and go through a set of reps and sets to continue building on your strength foundation. It takes several months for the tendons and such to build up a tolerance for body weight swings, and a bit of patience and strength will go a long way in your athletic future.

Kipping drills will focus on tension, shapes, hips, and maximizing our momentum in the correct direction (up!). Have fun and let’s improve together.

Helen is a classic and double Helen takes a speed training effort to another level. The run is the focus here and let’s run at a hard pace every round. If running is out due to injury, the assault bikes are always nice.

Kettle bell swings should use strong hip drive and done in maybe 2 sets. Same with the pull-ups, manageable sets. At round 3 the grip may begin to be challenged.

Aim for efficient movements today. This will ensure you get maximum results from the training and enter the weekend ready to celebrate a fun filled weekend – St. Patrick’s Day parades and all the fun green foods.

 Box Brief

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