Monday, March 19th 2018

Ben made it to the big bar, congrats!

Skill / Strength

HSPU + Deadlifts

WOD – “18.4”


Deadlift 315/205
HSW 50’
9 min Time CAP

WOD Brief

We will spend a block of time today really preparing our midline and bodies for the Open workout. Highly recommend to adopt any of the standard scale options, as these will create a great workout. If you are gunning for the best Diane time ever, then go get it. Scaling is very tough with so many deadlifts, so please be very diligent on the warmup to prepare the body.

The HSPU standard is adjusted this year, and we need your help to be sure those who are seeking RX measure correctly – help your friend! RX = adding a line to the wall that includes the floor to top of head height + ½ the length of the distance from their elbow to middle knuckle (For example, Jimmy’s arm elbow to knuckle measures 16 inches and he is 68 inches tall, so the line MY feet must cross is 76 inches from the floor).

The workout demands tight midline in the deadlift. Breaking these up is smart if this weight is a challenge and you are aiming for the heavier barbell. HSPU go for good reps only. This means, do your plan and if you max at 5 HSPU … go for doubles with short rests. 21 is a big number after that number of deadlifts.

If you are scaling the hand release pushups are your game for the first portion of the workout. To make these a big easier on your midline, play with creating a slight hollow body in your chest (so the rib cage is slightly tilted forward on the ground). This will release pressure from your midline and allow you to take advantage of the floor. You neck ideally should be following your rib cage / hollow position, and this will keep your nose to the ground (sorry) but also release any tension there too (better tradeoff!)

On the HSW, go for blocks you can do and be quick. The crawls should be fast and just get them done.

Go hard, be safe in the positions, and lets start this week off to a great training start!

THURSDAY we watch the last CrossFit OPEN announcement at Standard 7:30pm with the Icelandic women. See you there!

 Box Brief

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