Tuesday, March 20th 2018


KB 200′ Crossover Carry + Front Rack Squats

WOD – “Joey’s 18.5

Until failure:
In a 5 minute window complete:
2 rounds
20-1 arm DB Thrusters (50/35)
20 Pull ups

WOD Brief

The strength has two parts. The crossover carry will have one KB raised straight overhead (bicep to ear) and another KB in the opposite hand in a traditional carry grip and stance. The front rack squats should have the “bells” on the shoulders. Be sure to really engage a strong core, tough after the midline assault of 18.4, but stay vertical and connected.

The WOD will have a set of single one-arm dumbbell thrusters – one arm at a time with equal work (no need to swap back and forth, but split work evenly however you need) and straight into 20 pull-ups. You can move on if you complete the work before the 5 minute window. Please scale this if you aren’t going to finish 40 pull ups in the 5 minute window. Ring rows not jumping pull ups today because we’re jumping and running tomorrow, plus horizontal pulling is exceptional and you can keep raising your legs in a plank to make this a very powerful movement.

Athlete will complete 2 rounds in the 5 minute window, and will then be given another 5 minutes to complete another 2 rounds. An additional 5 minute window will be presented till the athlete can no longer complete the tasks in the available time.

Scale and go for a great training session! 2-3 rounds is our ambition (that is 10-15 minutes of work)

Box Brief

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